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Reihan Salam is in excellent form

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Barack Obama: still not a muslim. No word, as far as I can tell, from Hillary Clinton explicitly condemning the Obama-is-a-muslim-which-means-he-wants-to-destroy-America whispering campaign...

Reihan, again, puts it most splendidly:

I was wondering. What do you think would happen if Islamist radicals were a more important constituency in Democratic primaries than voters who instinctively distrust anyone who may have at some point spent time in a majority-Muslim country? I imagine Clinton would don a burka and issue a fatwa against Obama on grounds of being an apostate, which is of course technically true, and then perhaps calling for his beheading. That is the great charm of the Senator — her flexibility.

This is one of those things that seems deliciously harsh but fair.

UPDATE: Ben Smith has a very useful story on how the Obama campaign has tried to deal with this nonsense.

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