James Forsyth

Reuters: Papandreou to resign on Friday

Reuters: Papandreou to resign on Friday
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Reuters is reporting tonight that the Greek Prime Minister has agreed to resign on Friday. The news agency says that at a meeting Cabinet colleagues told George Papandreou that he had to resign for the good of the Socialist party and he agreed. It quotes one source saying, "He agreed to step down. It was very civilised, with no acrimony."

Now, after Thursday’s experience, I suspect we’re all taking reports about what will, or will not, happen in Greece with a pinch of salt. But it does seem that the referendum is off, stymied in part by Merkel and Sarkozy, who have ridden roughshod over the idea of non-interference in another nation’s affairs. That is, I suppose, par for the course for the European project. But one of the lessons of the past few days is that the politicians won’t be able to ignore their electorates for much longer.