Revealed: Andrea Leadsom’s recipe for a perfect British society

Revealed: Andrea Leadsom's recipe for a perfect British society
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After Michael Gove was knocked out of the Tory leadership race in today's vote, Theresa May will go head-to-head with Andrea Leadsom in the race to be the next Prime Minister.

So, with a prospect of a Leadsom-led government now looming, what would Leadsom's Britain look like? Thanks to an old blog dating back to 2006, we have a glimpse of her vision for the country. What's more, it seems that Leadsom actually has a recipe for a 'perfect British society'.

In a blog post -- entitled 'A Tory mum's recipe for a perfect British society' -- on her personal website, Leadsom reveals the ingredients required for truly British society:

A Tory mum's recipe for a perfect British society

Take one cup of Anglo Saxon determination;

Mix with a jugful of Muslim respect for the family;

Stir in a pinch of traditional Asian modesty;

Whisk with two tablespoonsful of military respect for authority;

Serve on a bed of East European work ethic;

And enjoy with a full glass of British belief in the freedom of the individual!

While Leadsom goes on to state that 'it's only by mutual respect, a willingness to learn and the courage to live together that we will build a better life for our children,'  Mr S suspects her calls for 'a pinch of traditional Asian modesty' served on 'a bed of East European worth ethic' are more likely to viewed as patronising than respectful.

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