Revealed: Corbyn’s policy director defends member suspended for anti-Semitism

Revealed: Corbyn's policy director defends member suspended for anti-Semitism
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A fresh war broke out this week between Labour MPs and the party leadership over how impartial Labour has been when dealing with anti-Semitism disciplinary cases. The fighting began after the Observer reported this weekend that Corbyn advisor Andrew Murray had personally lobbied for the party to be more lenient toward a member accused of defending an anti-Semitic mural.

Labour HQ has since hit back and insisted that 'Any suggestion that staff in the leader’s office overturned recommendations on individual cases is categorically untrue.'

But Mr Steerpike wonders if Labour MPs are right to be worried about meddling, when Corbyn's top advisors have shown themselves willing to defend their friends and allies who have been accused of anti-Semitism.

Mr S can reveal that Jeremy Corbyn's executive director of policy, Andrew Fisher has certainly been unable to keep out of disciplinary cases. While Fisher is not directly involved in the Labour disciplinary process, in 2016 he did lobby on the behalf of a Labour party member who had been suspended for defending Ken Livingston's comments on Hitler and Zionism.

Fisher made the comments one year after becoming Corbyn's chief policy advisor:

The Labour member, David White, had been suspended after he suggested in a tweet that Ken Livingstone's description of Hitler as a Zionist was 'largely accurate.' He has since been readmitted back into the party.

Mr S wonders if it helps though, having friends in high places...

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