Revealed: David Cameron’s ‘well watered’ election bouquet

Revealed: David Cameron's 'well watered' election bouquet
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No doubt David Cameron looks back on his 2010 election victory with fond memories -- the excitement on the night, the subsequent celebrations and of course the gifts that followed.

So Mr S is sorry to report that one election present may not have been quite what it seemed. Julian Sayarer's forthcoming book Messengers details his time as a delivery courier in London. In this, there is one intriguing entry regarding a delivery he undertook in May 2010 to Downing Street.

His job was to deliver a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers to the newly appointed Prime Minister -- David Cameron:

'On the occasion of a 2010 election victory, I was obliged to deliver flowers to an incoming prime minister: blue gladioli with yellow narcissi amongst them, a tribute to the colours of a new coalition government I'd be living under.'

Alas Sayarer wasn't all that keen on the prospect of a Tory-led coalition:

'You wouldn't believe the pain it caused me, it hurt like hell, knowing I was only the delivery boy for politics I thought so little of.'

In order to make himself feel better, Sayarer came up with a plan of action which meant that he could give David Cameron a special gift of his own:

'En route, paralysed with impotent rage, I stopped with the flowers at a public toilet. For me to say what I did to them there wouldn't be decent, but by the time I arrived at Number 10 I felt better.'

What a charming man.

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