Revealed: Nigel Farage’s Brexit dividend

Revealed: Nigel Farage's Brexit dividend
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He may be leaving the political stage but new figures show Nigel Farage won’t be short of a bob or two. Just hours after announcing his retirement from frontline politics on Saturday night, the former Brexit party leader said he was joining fan video app Cameo — where viewers pay celebrities to record personalised video messages.

With 141 members of his ‘fan club’ and a price of £75 per vid, Farage looks set to rake in the takings for his burgeoning media empire under the auspices of Thorn In The Side Ltd. But should his Cameo career take a while to come together, Mr S suspects Farage will do just fine.

Accounts published on Thursday for his media company show the retired MEP is enjoying his own Brexit dividend according to accounts made up until May last year. Despite the distraction of the snap election, Thorn in the Side Limited saw a 30 per cent increase in assets last year, jumping from £554,000 in 2019 to £731,000 in 2020.

It’s no wonder Farage — who once declared as an MEP he earned at least €30,000 a month from the company — is now offering financial advice in his Fortune and Freedom newsletter.

And the future looks bright for this new found Cameo star whose first 12 recordings have all attracted rave reviews from admiring customers and a five star average. Mr S congratulates ‘Mr Brexit’ on not only saving the pound but quite a few more quid too.

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