Revealed: Seumas Milne’s bumper pay rise

Revealed: Seumas Milne's bumper pay rise
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At party conference last week, several Labour front benchers poured scorn on ‘fat cat bosses’ with excessive earnings. Jeremy Corbyn himself promised to end the country’s culture of ‘greed is good.’ It appears, though, that a bit of greed isn’t so bad when it comes to lining your own friends' coffers.

The Evening Standard reports today that Corbyn, who earns around £140,000 a year, has given his closest aides whopping pay rises of up to 26 per cent. The average salary of his three best paid advisers is now £94,421, four times the salary of a London nurse.

Corbyn’s closest ally, former Guardian hack and champagne socialist Seumas Milne is doing best out of the arrangement and now earns £101,855. His head of policy, Andrew Fisher’s salary has increased by more than twenty five per cent to £90,704; and his chief of staff Karie Murphy’s income has risen to £90,704.

It seems to Mr S that some aren't doing so badly out of the capitalist system after all.