Revealed: the Institute for Government’s Europhile links

Revealed: the Institute for Government's Europhile links
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This week the Times splashed on a report by the Institute for Government branding Theresa May's Brexit plans 'chaotic and dysfunctional'. The research group claimed that Whitehall is overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead and expressed concerns about its feasibility.

However, while many Bremoaners have leapt on its findings as proof that the government's Brexit approach is shambolic, Mr S suggests they take a close look at the group behind it. With a board composed of the likes of Neil Kinnock's former Chief of Staff at the European Commission, Sir Andrew Cahn, and a range of Labour MPs and peers, it can't be considered the most neutral outlet.

What's more, the Institute for Government received a core grant of £3.5 million from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation for 2016 -17. And just who is behind this foundation? Well, it was established by Lord Sainsbury -- the top Labour donor who Alan Johnson described as having 'really tried to stop Brexit'.

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