Revealed: The reason behind Alex Salmond’s pink champagne order

Revealed: The reason behind Alex Salmond's pink champagne order
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After Alex Salmond was outed as ordering pink champagne in not one but two interviews last week, naysayers were quick to ridicule the former Scottish First Minister for his lavish choice of tipple. However, Mr S has it on the highest authority that Salmond was guzzling in the name of the people. The rosé tipple, Mr S is told, is not Salmond's regular order. Instead, he was simply raising a toast to his football team Heart of Midlothian.

So cheered by Heart's championship success in Scotland – after Rangers' 2-0 win against Hibs meant that Hearts were safely at the top of the championship table with seven games still to play –  he thought it was only fair to honour them by ordering a drink which was of a similar colour to the team's maroon strip.

Opting for the rosy shades of pink champagne, Salmond sipped on bubbly for his interview with the New Statesman's Jason Cowley that weekend. By the time it got to his interview with the Spectator editor Fraser Nelson on the Monday, he was still in the mood to celebrate.

[caption id="attachment_9060502" align="alignnone" width="510"]The Hearts team wear their maroon strip The Hearts team wear their maroon strip[/caption]

Of course, a modest cider and black just wouldn't have had the same desired effect.