Revealed: the truth about the People’s Vote’s Leave voter

Revealed: the truth about the People's Vote's Leave voter
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Last week, Mr S pointed out that many (possibly all) of the celebrities who featured on a People’s Vote video pushing for a second Brexit referendum, had in fact not changed their minds’ about Brexit, but voted Remain all along.

And it seems as though Mr Steerpike’s article has touched a nerve. In order to prove that they are not solely made up of malcontent Remainers, the People’s Vote released another video this morning, casting a light on those who had voted Leave in 2016 and have now switched sides.

But while the last video featured dozens of celebrities, stars, and ordinary folk now saying they backed a second vote, Mr S is sad to say the movement could only find one person in their ranks who voted Leave in the referendum: Hugh, Remainer Now:

Only Hugh, is not exactly your typical Brexit voter found on the street. In fact, Hugh Norris inspired the creation of the 'Remainer Now' lobby group, and has been pushing for a People's Vote for the last twelve months. Norris also revealed in a letter to his MP that he voted for Brexit in the hope that the UK would remain in the single market and the customs union.

But if the People's Vote are looking to find people who’ve actually changed their minds since the referendum, Mr S is happy to help. In fact, Steerpike can find plenty of people who now say they would vote Leave:

All of which makes Mr S wonder: what's the People’s Vote plan if they get a second referendum and the country votes Leave again. Best of five perhaps?

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