David Blackburn

Revolt fermenting in Surrey East

Revolt fermenting in Surrey East
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Michael Crick reports that the Sunday Mirror will splash the news that 100 members of the Surrey East Tory association have signed a petition to urge David Cameron to de-select Sam Gyimah.

The original selection process was controversial – members complained that the shortlist excluded straight white men. That dissent has never subsided. On Tuesday, Crick reported that dissent was turning to revolt. Private Eye’s allegations about Gyimah’s failing business interests, which were apparently suppressed during hustings, were the tipping point.  

In reality, the infamous A-list has struck again. Having reinvigorated their campaign, the Tories could do without the party's re-branding being called into question, regardless of whether the allegations against Gyimah are substantiated. Of course, it's a spat Central Office could have avoided had it not sought to impose change by manipulating candidate selection.