Rod Liddle

RIP Jo Cox. Let’s call the referendum off as a mark of respect

RIP Jo Cox. Let's call the referendum off as a mark of respect
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RIP Jo Cox MP. A hugely talented young politician possessed of great clarity of thought and principle. Shot and stabbed by a piece of human filth, a piece of white human filth, while attending her surgery in West Yorkshire. God bless the woman and look after her family, please.

This sort of savagery and vileness has been on the cards now for quite a while. We are drifting towards the febrile territory of a banana republic, or at best the USA. The claims on either side of the Brexit debate are hyperbolic, exaggerated, idiotic. And the mutual loathing spreads daily across social media, a shrieking absolutism divorced from reality on both sides of the argument.

Call the vote off, as a mark of respect. We are in no fit state to vote anyway, to judge by the level of debate. Call it off. Poor, poor, woman. Poor kids. And poor Britain.