Rishi-mania hits restaurants

Rishi-mania hits restaurants
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It has been a long few months for the Prime Minister, who has seen both his personal and his party’s poll-ratings take a hit, as the government struggles with the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is one Tory whose popularity continues to buck the trend. Step forward Rishi Sunak.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer appears to be able to do no wrong in the eyes of many, as he has splashed the cash to help Britons get through lockdown. Having made a bold stroke early in the crisis with the furlough scheme, which has cost over £30 billion so far, Sunak’s latest move is the introduction of ‘Eat Out to Help Out’.

The offer, first available yesterday, gives diners the potential to see half of their bills paid for them, care of the Treasury. Judging by the reaction, Rishi-mania could be coming to a restaurant near you. As if it was not enough for the Beeb to present him as Superman, restaurants and diners have been making their own personal tributes:

However, there are clearly some who remain cynical, with another poster exploiting the juxtaposition of the scheme with the Prime Minister’s war on obesity:

Will the public’s love-in with the chancellor last when, instead of bunging them cheap meals, he rolls-back the furlough scheme?

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