Rishi Sunak’s sickly sweet snaps

Rishi Sunak's sickly sweet snaps
(Photo by HM Treasury)
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Vanity photographers are a relatively recent addition to Westminster life, one that Mr S doesn't wholly welcome. The growth of the in-house snapper has meant that politicians are able to control their image in a way that previous generations of ministers would have found impossible. David Cameron famously had his advisers cover any nearby exit signs to stop pesky snappers from taking unflattering photos (sadly for Ed Balls, his advisers were unable to stop this unfortunate pic).

Rishi Sunak's photographer seems to have taken such lessons a step further during a photo-op at Hamleys toy shop. Not content with steering his boss away from adverse signage, he has apparently embraced the 'dishy Rishi' narrative by snapping the Chancellor in front of a sign reading 'scrumpalicious!' opposite a sweet concession stand. 

Scrumpalicious indeed, until you remember that the Cabinet Office was recently advertising for yet another in-house photographer — set to cost the taxpayer a cool £60,000 a year. You can bet this latest round of soft-pedalling snaps doesn't come cheap...

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