Robert Peston’s new job ruffles feathers at the BBC

Robert Peston's new job ruffles feathers at the BBC
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Earlier this week Mr S reported how Robert Peston's appointment as ITV's new political editor had led his former BBC colleagues to place a sign outside their press room at Tory conference making it clear that he was no longer welcome.

Now, in a further sign that his new job has not gone down well with his former colleagues, the BBC's deputy political editor James Landale has posted a cryptic tweet directed at those journalists who have not been promoted in recent months. Landale -- who was overlooked in favour of Laura Kuenssberg for the role of BBC political editor -- has sent a message praising those who -- like him -- put the story first, get on with the job and keep buggering on:

ITV's deputy political editor Chris Ship seemed to appreciate the words of support, perhaps after he was overlooked for the top job at his own channel in favour of Peston:

With Andrew Marr describing Peston as a man 'crippled by a sense of his own lack of self-worth', Mr S hopes that rumours circulating that Peston has been seeking the advice of a PR supremo to help make the transition a smooth one do turn out to be correct.

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