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I'm a monarchist- and much more keenly so than I was as a young chap - but the way this Daily Mail story is written is so ghastly and gawd-help-us that it almost makes one doubt the sense of having a non-elected head of state...

Prince Philip has been spotted doing his bit for the environment - by clearing up litter at Sandringham.

The Duke of Edinburgh prince surprised onlookers by bending down to pick up a discarded coffee cup and its plastic lid after church on the Royal estate in Norfolk.

The 88-year-old prince did his good deed while walking back to Sandringham House after the traditional morning service at St Mary Magdalene Church on Sunday.

Some spectators gasped when they saw him suddenly lurch forward and feared that he was about to take a fall.

But it soon became clear the still-sprightly royal was determined to do his bit to Keep Britain Tidy by picking up the cup.

Eagle-eyed Philip, wearing his favourite long brown coat, then bent down a second time to pick up the plastic lid that was lying on the grass nearby.

He was seen carrying the litter away, although it is not known if he handed the cup and lid to an aide or put them in a bin himself.

What a hero!

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