Rupa Huq: no-deal Brexit will lead to scurvy

Rupa Huq: no-deal Brexit will lead to scurvy
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Britain has become rather used to hysterical prognostications about the threat of a no-deal Brexit from our MPs ever since we voted to Leave in 2016 – with some parliamentarians suggesting that supermarkets will be left empty and drug supplies will vanish if we don't get a deal or extension by October 31.

But Labour's Rupa Huq set a new bar today on doom-laden predictions, when she suggested there could be a breakout of scurvy on Britain's streets if we left without a deal. Speaking in the House of Commons Huq said that the disease, which afflicted British sailors who didn't have enough vitamin C in the 18th century, could be caused by stocks of fresh fruit and veg running out:

'Why then, when the Food and Drink Federation are predicting, after a no-deal Brexit, fresh fruit and veg would run out after two weeks, are the remaining contenders in the Tory leadership battle continuing to entertain this damaging prospect?

Isn't scurvy back on our streets more important than the whims of fundamentalist party members' wishes?'

Watch here:

Mr S isn't quite convinced by that line of argument – surely Remain-backing MPs have produced enough sour grapes since the referendum to keep Britain nourished with vitamin C for a lifetime?

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