Russell Brand’s principles prove costly

Russell Brand's principles prove costly
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Spare a thought for Russell Brand. Although the comedian-turned-revolutionary-turned-comedian-again has made clear that 'profit is a filthy word', in recent years this hasn't stopped Brand from making one himself. Last year, Mr S had to break the sad news that the annual accounts for his company Pablo Diablo’s Legitimate Business Firm showed a healthy profit of at least £228,893 — to add to his already hefty £15 million fortune.

Thankfully, Steerpike has happier news this time around. The latest accounts for the company show that no profit was made in 2015. With the company sitting on 766,564 in 2014, by 2015 this was reduced to 564,765. While Brand is not in the red, this means that company's net assets fell by £201,798 in the last year.

Mr S is glad Brand appears to be taking clean living so seriously.

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