Sadiq Khan puts Boris’s three ‘nearly new’ water cannons up for sale

Sadiq Khan puts Boris's three 'nearly new' water cannons up for sale
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With Boris Johnson's hopes of making it into Number 10 dashed, the former Mayor of London is now on a damage limitation exercise with the focus on retaining his dignity. Bruised from Theresa May's dig yesterday that his EU negotiation experience amounts to his controversial purchase of three 'nearly new' water cannons, it's safe to say that Johnson would now like that particular purchase in the past.

Alas Johnson can expect to hear much more about the water cannons in the coming weeks. Johnson's successor Sadiq Khan has decided now is the right time to try and sell the cannons -- pointing to the fact that they have never been used thanks to May deeming them a safety risk. Khan says he will now look for a buyer, with the money going towards funding of youth services:

'One of the deals Boris Johnson managed to do with the Germans was to buy three water cannon. What I’m going to do is sell them and use the money for youth services.

This shows the inability of Boris Johnson to get a good deal. Second hand, paid almost £250,000. We’re paying for storage facilities for these water cannon. That beggars belief.'

Perhaps May can be tempted to put an offer in? No doubt the sight of the cannons would serve as a welcome reminder of her success toppling her one-time political rival.

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