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Sarko and Dave go to Tripoli

Sarko and Dave go to Tripoli
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"This is your revolution," said David Cameron to the mass of rapturous Libyans who welcomed both him and Nicolas Sarkozy in Tripoli this morning. Obviously this is a PR coup for the two leaders, who both face difficulties at home. But, although these were scenes of jubilation, both leaders were keen to say that the situation in Libya is still delicate. Gaddafi is still at large and there are reports that his supporters have drifted into the desert, where they are conducting a guerrilla campaign against rebel targets. This is of great concern to the National Transitional Council and its allies, who want to reopen Libya's remote oil industry to ensure that the country’s economic recovery can begin. Sarkozy and Cameron pledged their assistance to the NTC. Politics Home has details of what Britain has offered:

'£600 million in Libyan assets were unfrozen, while £600,000 was given to the Mines Advisory Group to help clear landmines, the PM's spokesman said.

Some 50 places at specialist UK hospitals are being offered to those seriously wounded in the recent conflict, although the bill for the patients' transportation and treatment will be paid by the Libyans. The first patients will be flown to the UK "imminently".

A £60,000 donation will be made to fund new communications equipment for the Libyan police in Benghazi. A further £1m will be taken from the UK's 'conflict pool' to fund Non-Governmental Organisations which are expert in weapons decommissioning.

A military liaison team of two British officers will work with the United States and the National Transitional Council to establish a counter-proliferation programme and decommission surface-to-air missiles.'

You can see video of the reception committee here.