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Saturday Morning Country: Lyle Lovett

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The Church of Country is a broad brotherhood (and sisterhood) and it's fair to say that Lyle Lovett, like many others, has sometimes left it to worship elsewhere. But, again, like others that sometimes stray, he's always welcome back for the Church of Country is a forgiving house that espouses tolerance, an open mind and equally generous hearts.

Anyway, Lovett is always interesting. And often charming too. Consider his Hymn to Having It All If I Had A Boat  with its splendid refrain: If I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean/ And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat/And we could all together go out on the ocean/Me upon my pony on my boat.

And here he is singing an old Delmore Brothers tune called More Pretty Girls Than One (which is, frankly, reassuring). Of course he's also lucky enough to have Alison Krauss singing along on the second vocal. Grand stuff.

Incidentally, my idiosyncratic Lyle Lovett thought is that if anyone ever makes a George Orwell biopic and, assuming he can master the accent thing, Mr Lovett would be an ideal candidate to play Mr Eric Blair. So crazy that, you know, it just might work.

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