Martin Bright

Save Wikileaks

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It's possibly the most important whistleblowing site in the world, but Wikileaks has suspended activity due to lack of funds.

Azeem Azhar of Viewsflow has aleady set up a Facebook group to raise support for the site, which won the Economist 2008 Freedom of Expression Award and Amnesty International's 2009 New Media Award.

The site has been a crucial source for journalists around the world and was central to the Trafigura story and the fight to have a superinjunction lifted to report toxic waste-dumping in Cote d'Ivoire by the Swiss-based company. In my own case, it helped publicise the activities of Iraqi-British billionaire Nadhmi Auchi.

As the UK libel laws continue to bite, Wikileaks remains one of the few places to defend genuine freedom of speech.

I know money is tight, but I urge anyone who cares about liberty to visit the site and donate.