Peter Hoskin

Saving the world

Saving the world
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Yet another job for our former Prime Minister.  And this one's all about saving the world.

In an interview with today's Guardian, Tony Blair reveals that he'll lead an international team which will press countries to cut their carbon emissions.  Specifically, he wants to prepare a blueprint for cutting emissions by 50 percent by 2050 – and, to do that, he'll need to get various nations on-side.  As Blair puts it:

"Essentially what everyone has agreed is that climate change is a serious problem, it is man-made, we require a global deal, that there should be a substantial cut in emissions at the heart of it, and this global deal should involve everyone, including in particular America on the one hand and China on the other, so it is the developed and developing world ....  The question is what is the framework that gets everyone in the deal?"

One wonders what Gordon Brown thinks about this.  Not only will Blair steal the climate change headlines – and as the EU turns down Brown's Big Green Idea – but he'll once again be striding the world stage, shaking hands with international leaders.  Blair meets the Japanese prime minister later today.  Is it a warm-up for the EU presidency?