Scottish government’s website collapse

Scottish government’s website collapse
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Nicola Sturgeon today released her ‘roadmap’ for easing the lockdown in Scotland, after the first minister decided to pursue a separate strategy to Boris Johnson when it comes to lifting restrictions on freedom of association and movement.

In an announcement, the first minister said that Scotland would pursue a ‘four-phase’ route out of lockdown, with some restrictions lifted next week, such as allowing people to meet others from another household outside.

But, rather unfortunately, the majority of the guidance was unavailable to read, as the Scottish government’s website helpfully crashed soon after Sturgeon’s announcement, with thousands of users unable to access the new guidance.

Happily though the SNP MP Carol Monaghan was able to put a positive spin on things. The Nationalist explained that the Scottish government’s website collapsing on arguably one of the most important days for government was actually a success, as it showed that ‘trust in FM is high and Scots are listening closely’. One wonders if it's wise to trust a government that can't even run its own website...

Mr S can only imagine her reaction if the same had happened south of the border…