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Secularism is wiping out Christian America. That’s why Trump could win

Secularism is wiping out Christian America. That's why Trump could win
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We're four days away from the presidential election, and America's evangelical Christian leaders are still supporting a thrice-married man who boasts of grabbing women's genitals. Meanwhile, it looks as if most Catholics will be voting to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

This grotesque election has split the evangelical-Catholic alliance that claimed the credit for propelling several Republican presidents to victory. The 'Religious Right' is a spent force in 2016 – but is that the result of the GOP implosion or the relentless advance of secular America?


In this week's Holy Smoke podcast I'm joined by Sohrab Ahmari of the Wall Street Journal, a Muslim-born Iranian-American who created a sensation when he announced his conversion to Catholicism on the day Fr Jacques Hamel was murdered by Islamists at the altar of his French church.

Ahmari has powerful and, for Christians, disturbing things to say about the profound changes in US society that are turning young Americans into European-style secularists.

Do listen to our conversation, in which he reveals that – in his first election as a Christian – he'll be voting for a candidate he loathes:

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