David Blackburn

Select committee chairmen in full

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Courtesy of PoliticsHome, here is the full list of the new chairmen of select committees:

'The following candidates have been elected unopposed as select committee chairs:

- Culture, Media and Sport: Mr John Whittingdale

- International Development: Malcolm Bruce

- Justice: Sir Alan Beith

- Northern Ireland: Mr Laurence Robertson

- Procedure: Mr Greg Knight

- Scottish Affairs: Mr Ian Davidson

- Transport: Mrs Louise Ellman

- Welsh Affairs: David T. C. Davies

The following candidates have been elected as select committee chairs by secret ballot, under the Alternative Vote system:

- Business, Innovation and Skills: Mr Adrian Bailey

- Children, Schools and Families (Education): Mr Graham Stuart

- Communities and Local Government: Mr Clive Betts

- Defence: Mr James Arbuthnot

- Energy and Climate Change: Mr Tim Yeo

- Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Miss Anne McIntosh

- Environmental Audit: Joan Walley

- Foreign Affairs: Richard Ottaway

- Health: Mr Stephen Dorrell

- Home Affairs: Keith Vaz

- Political and Constitutional Reform: Mr Graham Allen

- Public Accounts: Margaret Hodge

- Public Administration: Mr Bernard Jenkin

- Science and Technology: Andrew Miller

- Treasury: Mr Andrew Tyrie

- Work and Pensions: Miss Anne Begg'

Certainly, there will be reservations over Vaz and Hodge; but, from what I hear, both are adept and will hold the government to account. My only regret is that Douglas Carswell didn't take the defence committee - in fact he was hammered, withdrawing after the first round. Defence procurement requires urgent reform, and Carswell would have held a blow-torch to the soft and cosy relationship between ministers, officials and contractors.