Rod Liddle

Self-confessed ‘bag Nazis’ are the pits

Self-confessed 'bag Nazis' are the pits
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This follows very neatly on from the previous thread. If there is one industry where the staff are suffused with an endless sense of self importance and a determination to (literally in some cases) bugger the public, then it is the airline industry. Since 9/11 trolly dollies and whatever name is given to their gay male counterparts seem to believe they are provisional members of the police force, allowed to hector, bully and punish passengers in the name of “security” when, most of the time, it is just about them feeling better about themselves. Like airport staff they are invariably thick and vindictive. You will not find a better example of this than cabin steward Steven Slater, who has somehow become a folk hero, for having been typically rude to a passenger and then stomped off the plane, grabbing a bottle of beer on the way. It is distressing to write that the plane was still on the ground at the time. Slater’s smug smile tells you all you need to know, but here’s the story anyway…………….