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Senate Selection

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Joe Klein on the self-styled Worlds' Greatest Deliberative Body:

The point is, that the Blagojevich fiasco and now the Kennedy play have turned the selection of new Senators into a skeevy travesty. The best way to change the story would be go in the exact opposite direction--go completely high-minded.

He suggests some worthy folk, but nothing so high-minded as, you know, an actual election. Sure, it would be expensive but all the pols are telling everyone they should spend some more money, so consider this a stimulus for the political consultancy industry - a trade that's been badly battered by the bursting of an inflationary bubble in the first week of November...

Anyway, the selection of new Senators has always been a "skeevy travesty". To take but one pleasing example of gubernatorial chutzpah: in 2002 Senator Frank Murkowski was elected governor of Alaska and, as the new governor, appointed his own daughter, Lisa, to his own unexpired Senate seat. Granted, it's Alaska, Jake but there's still something impressive about this.

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