Rod Liddle

Shami Chakrabarti joins the ranks of lefty hypocrites

Shami Chakrabarti joins the ranks of lefty hypocrites
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Congratulations to Shami – sorry Baroness! – Chakrabarti for joining the exciting, ever-growing pantheon of ultra-left wing metropolitan Labour hypocrites. Her dameship was appearing on the Godawful Peston on Sunday show. Asked why she opposed selection and grammar schools while at the same time sending her brat to the selective, £18,000 per year, Dulwich College, she said:

'I live in a nice big house, and eat nice food, and my neighbours are homeless, and go to food banks. Des that make me a hypocrite, or does it make me someone who is trying to do best, not just for my own family, but for other people's families too?'

Yes, of course it makes you a hypocrite, you hypocrite. And your comparison is absurd. If you were actively trying to stop your neighbours being able to afford living in a two million quid house, while you lived in one yourself, then you’d be a hypocrite in that regard too. Instead, you are trying to stop people less fortunate than yourself from getting the best possible education for their children. And you know that selection will lead to the best possible education. Because you chose it for your own child. Comprenez?

She also lamented the misery that selective school tests imposed on children. Then why did you put your own child through it? Shami joins the wonderful Diane Abbott, who opposes selection but sent her brat to the private City of London school, and Emily Thornberry, who opposes selection, and sent her brat to the partially selective Dame Alice Owens School, fourteen miles from her home. The more metro left you are, the more likely you are to be a hypocrite.