Alex Massie

Signs of the Times

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Deroy Murdock's remarkable National Review Online column saying Americans should be "proud" of waterboarding prisoners was bad enough. In response Ramesh Ponnuru suggested that the logic of Murdock's argument was that the Bush administration should be waterboarding more prisoners. Murdock now tells Ponnuru that:

[T]he whole point of my piece is that I AM complaining that we do NOT waterboard enough. Yes, we need to waterboard more. At the moment, waterbaording appears to have been banned by both the CIA and the Pentagon. As I say pretty directly in my piece, Bush should reinstate waterboarding publicly and proudly, and I called him deluded for thinking he would gain anything by going along with the Left and ditching waterboarding. . . .

I hope this clears up any confusion you might have had.

It's stuff like this that makes it clear that it's actually pretty important for everyone - Americans and non-Americans alike - that the Republican* party be booted** out of the White House next year.

*Possible exception, in this area at least, if John McCain (or Ron Paul!) wins the GOP nomination.

**The Democrats are, um, rather flawed too, of course, and desperately timid on this sort of stuff. But, desperate times can demand desperate measures...