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Wine Club 15 August

Wine Club 15 August
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Nothing but good news this week. Hurrah! Firstly, I know you’ll be thrilled to hear that my don’t-eat-anything-white diet is working a treat. That’s no bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cheese, cream, milk, sugar and so on. And, yes, clever clogs, cauliflower is allowed. I’ve also throttled back on the vino and managed to shed 7lb last week. Yes, yes, I know — most of that is water retention but, heck, it’s better than putting 7lb on.

You’ll be even more thrilled, though, with this corking offer from Private Cellar of wines perfect for this glorious weather, plus an exclusive-to-Spectator-readers rosé and the jolliest, most genially priced bin-end red you’ll ever see. Let’s get cracking!

The Réserve de Sours Sparkling Rosé Brut NV (1) is a scrumptious Cab/Merlot Champagne Method sparkler from Bordeaux. It was the final fizz made by Martin Krajewski before he sold Ch. de Sours to Chinese tycoon Jack Ma and this is the last of it. It’s fresh as a daisy, though, with wild strawberry notes and a touch of citrus and if there’s a finer pink sparkler at this price, pray tell me. £14.45 down from £16.50.

The 2019 Sauvion Les Rafelières Sauvignon Blanc (2) sells out whenever we feature it and little wonder because it’s a cracker. Made by canny Pierre Sauvion in the Loire Valley, it’s as close to Sancerre in style and as far from Sancerre in price as you’ll find. A summer essential. £9.50 down from £9.96.

The 2019 Les Vignerons de Florensac Picpoul de Pinet (3) from the Languedoc also hits the bullseye. There’s lots of Picpoul out there these days, much of which is dross. This is anything but, being zesty, zingy and lively with real backbone and character. As PC’s marketing director, Laura Taylor, says, it has real pizzazz. £10.50 down from £11.50.

The 2018 Domaine Gonon Mâcon-Bussières (4) is very grown up. Stainless steel fermented, it’s vibrantly fresh and citrusy with a teasing touch of honey on the finish and shows just what value there is in Burgundy if you know where to look. £14.65 down from £15.65.

The 2018 Domaine des Combiers, Beaujolais-Villages ‘Elégance’ (5) from Laurent Savoye is a joy: hand-picked, minimal intervention, no chemicals, tiny production. Rich, fresh, succulent, crammed with ripe bramble fruit, it’s ideal for popping in the fridge and necking with abandon at the barbie. £12.95 down from £13.50.

The 2017 Casa Emma Chianti Classico (6) is similarly enjoyable from Castellina in Chianti, cooled by breezes off the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s organic and full of unmucked-about rich, slightly spicy ripe red and dark fruit. £16.95 down from £17.86.

And for the icing on the cake, we’ve the brand new 2019 Elégance Rosé du Clos Cantenac (7), the pre-release samples of which have had critics in an absolute swoon. Made in St Emilion by Lolly, daughter of the aforementioned M. Krajewski, it’s 100 per cent Merlot fermented in a concrete egg — uh-uh — and is as silky, elegant and polished as any rosé I’ve had. It ain’t cheap but so in demand is it, it’ll sell out. Laura Taylor has generously set aside 20 boxes of six bottles especially for us, though, at £37.50 a bottle (down from an RRP of £42), and if spectacular rosé is your thing, for heaven’s sake grab it.

And finally, if the above wines weren’t treats enough, we’ve the 2017 Domaine de Laguille Merlot ‘Rouge de Plaisir’ (8), a bin-end bargain from Guy Vignoli in Gascony that I simply couldn’t resist. It’s juicy, luscious and just so darn drinkable and stunning value at only £8 a bottle (down from £9.25). Because this is a bin-end, we can only offer free delivery on this wine if ordered with 12 bottles of any other wine from the offer (including the mixed case).

The mixed case has two bottles of wines 1-6; wines 7 and 8 are by the six-bottle box only. Delivery, as ever, is free.

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Jonathan Ray is the Spectator's wine editor.

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