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Spectator most read: Our five top pieces from this week

Spectator most read: Our five top pieces from this week
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Our most-read piece this week was Fraser Nelson’s article about the Swedish government’s refusal to be honest about the crime and immigration. He said:

'News of an attack brings grief and outrage, but the sense that the authorities are not telling the whole truth brings a new level of anger and suspicion. All of this further undermines public support for immigration.'

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The second most-read article was Melanie Phillips’ cover piece on gender. She said that it was dangerous and wrong to tell children they’re gender fluid. In her piece, Melanie added:

'In short, the political class is obsessed by gender issues. I trust you are, too. Surely you can reel off the differences between trans, intersex, polygender, asexual, gender–neutral and genderqueer? Do keep up. We’re all gender fluid now, no? No. Gender is not fluid. What is fluid, however, is the language.'

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Brendan O’Neill’s article about the irony of ‘rabid feminists’ wanting themselves removed from the Oxford English Dictionary was the third most-read piece. He wrote:

'To nag a dictionary in a shrill and rabid way over its entries for ‘shrill’, ‘rabid’ and ‘nag’ suggests feminists’ irony deficiency has reached life-threatening levels.'

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The fourth most read article was Alex Massie on Scotland’s free speech opponents being both hypocritical and illiberal. He said:

'In Scotland, these days, you can offend people who do not exist. It takes the definition of a victimless ‘crime’ to hitherto unknown heights.'

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And The Spectator’s fifth most read article was Rod Liddle saying Saudi Arabia should be less concerned about chess being a source of evil than jihadists. He wrote:

'Hmmm. On my top trumps list of stuff that breeds enmity and hatred in the world, chess comes some distance behind heavily-bearded Muslim mentalists, but that’s probably just me.'

Read Rod's full piece by clicking here