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Spectator podcast special: David Cameron’s EU deal

Spectator podcast special: David Cameron's EU deal
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David Cameron has sealed an EU deal in Brussels - but is it any good? The Prime Minister said the renegotiation gives Britain 'special status' in the EU. Donald Tusk said there was unanimous support for the new settlement. But is the deal really as pivotal as the Prime Minister is suggesting? And what's next for David Cameron as he flies back to London for a special Cabinet meeting in the morning?

In this Spectator podcast special, Isabel Hardman in Brussels and James Forsyth in London join Spectator editor Fraser Nelson to discuss. Have a listen to their thoughts on what the EU deal means using the player above.


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Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman will be discussing the forthcoming EU Referendum campaign with pollster Ben Page from Ipsos Mori on 21 March.  Tickets, for subscribers only, are on sale now. To subscribe from £1 a week, click here.