Peter Hoskin

Spectator readers and professional pollsters predict a Tory majority

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Underneath the IoS poll which David mentioned earlier there's a set of election predictions from professional pollsters.  Differing margins of victory aside, seven-out-of-eight of them foresee a Tory majority in a few weeks time.

I mention this not just because it's worth, erm, mentioning – but because a poll of readers over at our new Spectator Live election site produced a similar result.  85 percent of you predict that the election will produce a Tory majority.  That's very almost seven-out-of-eight.

I promise I won't ram Spectator Live down your collective throat every minute, but do check out the full results on this page here.  Or vote in our latest poll on the bottom right of the Spectator Live homepage: "Did Stuart MacLennan deserve to lose his candidacy because of his controverisal tweets?"

Shameless website advertisement over.