Spice Girls get cold feet about Brexit

Spice Girls get cold feet about Brexit
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When Simon Sebag Montefiore interviewed the Spice Girls for The Spectator, the five pop starlets surprised a lot of fans when they revealed their views on UK politics, the monarchy and Europe.

Posh Spice, now known better as Victoria Beckham, emphasised the importance of the single currency:

'The Euro- bureaucrats are destroying every bit of national identity and individuality. Let me give you an example — those new passports are revolting, an insult to our kingdom, our independence. We must keep our national individuality.'

Meanwhile Ginger Spice, also known as Geri Halliwell, declared that the Spice Girls as a collective were Eurosceptic:

'All those countries look the same. Only England looks different. That is why the Spice Girls are profoundly suspicious of Europe.'

So, surely, perfect material for the Brexit camp to feast on? The Leave.EU camp certainly seem to think so. Over the weekend, they released a Brexit banner with one of Victoria's quotes taken from The Spectator:

However, there is one problem -- the interview occurred 20 years ago! On the face of it, republishing a quote from 1996 as if it were new is approaching desperate behaviour. What's more, there may be a reason Brexiteers are reduced to rehashing such an old quote -- the Spice Girls appear to no longer feel so strongly about Europe.

Last month, Mr S contacted two of the most outspoken Spice Girls in that interview  -- Beckham and Halliwell -- to see if they were willing to speak about Europe again ahead of the referendum. While Beckham failed to respond to a request for comment, Halliwell's spokesman said that the request would not be possible. Hardly a ringing endorsement for either side of the EU debate.

Still, if you want to read what the girls thought about Europe two decades ago, the full interview can be found in The Spectator archive.

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