Freddy Gray

Stephen Fry: the high-priest of juvenile atheism

Stephen Fry: the high-priest of juvenile atheism
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Well, well, well. Nick Cohen's excellent column in this week's mag  has caused a stir today. Sadly, though, Nick's astute argument became another excuse for a boring slanging match between atheists and believers. And of course Stephen Fry waded in:

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) August 22, 2013

Really? Fry's Twitter cronies lapped that up. They always do. He's so clever and civilised, our Stephen, bless his colourful cotton socks. Unlike those credulous maniacs who believe in God. In 2013!

Celebrity atheists always claim the rational high ground: we are calm and normal, the God squad is angry and mad. They tweet angry rubbish like the above, and still think they are morally and intellectually superior. Nick suggested there is no such thing as 'militant' atheism, and he's probably right. There is a juvenile atheism, however, and its silliest high-priest is Stephen Fry.