Steve Baker’s disastrous Daily Politics interview

Steve Baker’s disastrous Daily Politics interview
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Brexit minister Steve Baker has his colleagues to thank for his disastrous turn on the Daily Politics. Tory ministers have been piling in to the Corbyn Czech spy row, but it’s fair to say that some may have taken things a little too far. The Labour leader has been accused of having ‘betrayed’ his country, while another Tory MP even compared Jeremy Corbyn to Kim Philby.

It was left to Baker to explain his fellow Tory MPs’ choice of words, when he was taken to task by Andrew Neil. Asked six times to explain how Corbyn had betrayed his country, Baker failed to answer each time:

AN: Do you think Mr Corbyn has in any way betrayed his country?

SB: I have got no evidence for any of that so I won’t make any (comment)

AN: So why do your colleagues?

Oh dear…

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