Steve Bannon: Brexit is down to Nigel Farage

Steve Bannon: Brexit is down to Nigel Farage
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During the EU referendum, there was a fierce rivalry not just between Leave and Remain but between the two groups campaigning for Brexit. It's safe to say there was little love lost between Vote Leave – fronted by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – and Leave.EU which relied heavily on Nigel Farage.

So, which side swung the vote? According to Steve Bannon – President Trump's former adviser – it was all down to Farage. In an interview with Spectator USA, Bannon says that Brexit was down to two things: the website Breitbart London and... Nigel Farage.

‘Brexit would not have happened if Breitbart London had not started,’ he claims, referring to the UK edition of his website which was launched in 2014. ‘We were the platform for Ukip ideas, particularly immigration.’

As for the Foreign Secretary's role? His ideas were too complicated:

‘Without Farage, you wouldn’t have had a Brexit. Boris Johnson, that exit campaign — he’s a great guy but they were pitching those complicated rules from Brussels. It didn’t wash. It was immigration. It was Nigel Farage and the brothers coming in.’

That will go down well at the Foreign Office...