Stuart Rose forgets the name of his own campaign

Stuart Rose forgets the name of his own campaign
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Although a number of rival groups are currently vying to be the official Out campaign, it seems that some members of the In campaign's Britain Stronger in Europe group appear to be having a harder time remembering what to call themselves.

Britain Stronger In Europe's chairman Stuart Rose was unable to name the campaign he fronts, during an interview with Sky News. Instead, Rose listed a number of alternative campaign names in the hope that he would get it right:

'I'm chairman of Stay in Britain.. Better in Britain campaign.. right start again.

I'm Stuart Rose and I'm the chairman of the Better in Britain campaign... the Better stay in Britain campaign.'

While Mr S is sure Rose has since been reminded that the campaign is called Britain Stronger in Europe, it's a worrying sign when the chairman of the In campaign doesn't bother to mention the EU.

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