Watch: STV’s deleted ‘Thank you, Nicola’ video

Watch: STV’s deleted 'Thank you, Nicola' video
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It's become a common sight to see SNP politicians complaining about journalistic bias against them. Just last week the BBC's Sarah Smith was in the firing line for suggesting Nicola Sturgeon was 'enjoying the opportunity' to set lockdown policy in Scotland different to the rest of the United Kingdom. However, Mr S wonders if the latest STV offering may be more to their taste.

This afternoon STV released a video of children thanking the First Minister for keeping them safe. In the somewhat bizarre video, various young children are filming taking part in a joint message of thanks set to soft piano music:

The children of Scotland would like to say thank you - to Nicola, our First Minister of Scotland. We are so grateful. Thank you for always keeping us safe. Working so hard. For being strong for us. Thank you for caring for every individual life and for always thinking about the children of Scotland. Thank you, Nicola.

Strangely no mention of care home deaths, testing problems or the Nike conference. After complaints that it resembled the type of video that would be aired in North Korea, the video has been taken down – but not before it was grabbed.

STV says the video was taken down as "it did not meet our high standards for impartiality."  So Mr S looks forward to a balancing STV video of children thanking Boris for delivering Brexit. 

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