Peter Hoskin

Suspended animation | 10 May 2010

Suspended animation | 10 May 2010
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Weirdness reigns in Westminster at the moment, as the entire political establishment sits drooling and waiting for insights into the Lib-Con talks. The latest negotiator to break cover was the Lib Dem's David Laws who managed, very artfully, to give very little away.  And so we were told that the Lib Dems are speaking with Labour, and that they are seeking "clarification" from the Tories over every issue from eduction to tax and electoral reform.  In other words: all the parties concerned are still negotiating.

There is a growing sense - fuelled by reports that Nick Clegg is meeting his MPs later this evening - that we may not get a deal quite as quickly as expected.  It may be tonight, it may be tomorrow morning, it could even be later this week.  Either way, we await the next statement from behind the closed doors...

UPDATE: Simon Hughes has told Sky that a deal is more likely to be reached by the end of the week, rather than the end of the day.