Team Corbyn left red-faced over Berlin hostel Twitter ‘hack’

Team Corbyn left red-faced over Berlin hostel Twitter 'hack'
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Over the weekend a number of strange tweets were emitted from Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account. The Labour leader appeared to be taking his call to attack the Tories -- and not other members of Labour -- to new heights when he tweeted 'Davey Cameron is a pie' along with 'Here we... here we... here we f---ing go!!!'.

While the tweets were swiftly deleted and put down to the account being hacked, new information has now come to light surrounding the incident.

The Times Red Box reports that the 'hack' occurred in a hostel in Germany. One of Corbyn's staff was enjoying a break in Berlin when the orders came to tweet from Jeremy Corbyn's account. To do this, they logged onto a hostel computer. Alas, they forgot to log out after they were done, leaving the Twitter open for the next backpacker to have fun with.

While the claims only raise more questions over how professionally run Corbyn's team really is, Mr S suggests the Labour leader arranges holiday cover for his members of staff's weekend jaunts in future -- so as to avoid more hostel mayhem.