Rod Liddle

Thanks for trying, Charlie Boy

Thanks for trying, Charlie Boy
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I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our heir to the throne, Prince Charles, for, as he put it, spending ‘twenty years’ trying to ‘build bridges between Islam and Christianity and (to) dispel ignorance and misunderstanding.’ Sadly, he has concluded that this noble endeavour was in vain and that Christians are being persecuted right, left and centre (or indeed wherever they are unfortunate enough to live in Muslim countries). Still, how kind of him to have tried.

The thought of Prince Charles dispelling ignorance on any topic, let alone this one, is a captivating one. He seems to have gone about this particular task principally by extolling the virtues of Islam, virtues which many of us pig-ignorant commoners were often a little dubious about. Of course Islam often held an attraction for some of our dumber toffs, who admired its authoritarianism, simplistic Manichean certainties and apparent manliness. Earlier British toffs also liked its inherent anti-semitism, although I would not accuse Chazza of that crime.