Christopher Howse

The answers

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Weird world

1 Mark Rothko’s

2 George Washington

3 Nadine Dorries

4 The Duchess of Cornwall

5 Sakhalin

6 The 158th Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

7 Harry Redknapp, when manager of Tottenham Hotspur

8 Hungary

9 David Cameron

10 Hitler

Tip of the tongue

1 Nadine Dorries

2 Boris Johnson

3 David Cameron

4 Dame Vivienne Westwood

5 Silvio Berlusconi

6 The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams

7 Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister

8 Rebekah Brooks

9 Boris Berezovsky:

10 Conrad, Lord Black of Crossharbour

Screen break

1 Skyfall

2 Martin Freeman

3 The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

4 Madagascar 3

5 Dr Curt Connors (The Lizard), played by Rhys Ifans

6 Jim Broadbent (in The Iron Lady)

7 Emily Watson

8 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

9 Colin Farrell

10 Edgar Rice Burroughs

Global royalties

1 The Lion King

2 King Juan Carlos of Spain

3 The Westminster clock tower, commonly called Big Ben

4 Bells

5 Las Vegas

6 Closer

7 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

8 The Prince of Wales

9 The Duchess of Cornwall

10 Monty

Life ... not as we know it

1 Patrick Leigh Fermor

2 Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (edited by William Shawcross)

3 Bertie, A Life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley

4 A neurosurgeon

5 A footballer

6 Lyndon Johnson

7 Nelson

8 Dickens (in Claire Tomalin’s biography)

9 Thomas Stamford Raffles

10 a Between the Lines by Victoria Pendleton

b Running my Life by Seb Coe

c Unbelievable by Jessica Ennis

d An Open Book by Darren Clarke

e My Time by Bradley Wiggins

f My Story by Tom Daley

g My Liverpool Story by Steven Gerrard

The numbers came

1 Boris Johnson beat Ken Livingstone to be re-elected as Mayor of London

2 John Constable’s

3 Jimmy Savile’s

4 Bermuda

5 Italy

6 Telephone

7 Felix Baumgartner

8 Branston pickle

9 Coptic pope

10 A pigeon.

Snow on snow

1 Jane Austen (to Cassandra)

2 Sydney Smith (to Richard York)

3 Evelyn Waugh (to Nancy Mitford)

4 Benjamin Disraeli (to Lady Bradford)

5 Gerard Manley Hopkins (to Robert Bridges)

6 Byron (to Richard Belgrave Hoppner)

7 William Wordsworth (to the Earl of Lonsdale)

8 Oscar Wilde (to Robert Ross)

9 Philip Larkin (to Norman Iles)

10 Walter Scott (to Robert Southey)