Camilla Swift

The anti-hunt mob have reached a new low

The anti-hunt mob have reached a new low
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Last Saturday, on 2 April, 9-year-old Bonnie Armitage was killed by a kick from a horse. This tragic accident could have happened anywhere – at the yard, at a pony club camp, on a fun ride – but as it happened, it was at the closing meet of the Cotswold Hunt. 

This last aspect of the accident is what so many people seem to have a problem with: people are now using her death as an excuse to reignite the hunting debate. Many of the comments – on numerous newspaper websites and on social media – are utterly vile, and don’t bear reading, let alone repeating. I know that we should all be used to trolls by now – but even so, seeing them crawl out of the woodwork to glory in the death of a small child and abuse her grieving family seems beyond the pale.

How can anyone possibly read about the death of an innocent child (and yes, many of these people will have issues with me using the term ‘innocent child’) and gloat about the circumstances? She died doing something she loved. Whether or not you agree with what that ‘something’ was is irrelevant. She, and her family, deserve sympathy and support. Nothing more.