James Forsyth

The Ashcroft report

The Ashcroft report
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One thing that the AV referendum might do is revive the debate in Conservative circles about why the party did not win a majority in the general election. As the most striking example so far of the price of Coalition, it is likely to start off some grumbling about why the party is in position where it has to govern with the Lib Dems.

Interestingly, on this front, Francis Elliott reports in The Times today that Lord Ashcroft has nearly finished his review of the campaign and that an ‘early draft is said to be unsparing in its criticism of Mr Cameron and his inner circle.’ But Ashcroft has yet to decide whether or not to publish his review.

If Ashcroft were to publish a critical report of the campaign, then I suspect the gloves would come off. One Minister tells Francis, ‘If he wants a war then the Prime Minister is in a very strong position.’