Martin Bright

The Battle Against the Extremists in East London

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I have written about the battle against the neo-Nazis and radical Islam in this week's Jewish Chronicle. This is such an important issue that I am cross-posting the two pieces.

The JC's splash this week is the news that Barking and Dagenham Council could fall to the BNP next year. This follows the news that the party's leader will take on Margaret Hodge at the next general election.

I also wrote a comment piece arguing that there should be a new anti-fascist alliance in east London to tackle the twin threat of the Islamist extreme right and the BNP. 

We already have Britain's first neo-Nazi MEP and the first London Assembly member from the far right. By next year we could have the first BNP MP and first BNP-controlled council. What a terrible legacy this is for a Labour government.