Rod Liddle

The blame game | 28 June 2010

The blame game | 28 June 2010
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The general public seems split in two over who to blame for England’s latest abject failure at the world cup and our consequent exit. People who support one of the big six or seven teams in the Premier League blame the England manager, Fabio Capello. The rest of us blame the players. The division reinforces my opinion that the Premier League fans are as deluded as the players.

That being said, Capello was tactically outwitted with great ease by the sinister looking Joachim Loew. James Milner and Glen Johnson were crowded out, so no crosses came in. We surrendered both flanks to the Germans. And there is something terribly McLarenish in seeing Emile Heskey come onto the pitch when we are 3-1 down.

Still, I hope the Germans win the thing. Or Holland or Slovakia. Please not one of the bloody Latins.