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The Brexiteer mutiny against Theresa May has begun

The Brexiteer mutiny against Theresa May has begun
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I am just going to let this speak for itself. It’s a slightly edited but verbatim account of tonight’s weekly meeting of the Brexiter European Research Group faction of the Conservative Party.

It requires no additional comment from me - other than that I have multiple sources vouching for its veracity.

“We've just had an ERG mass meeting, 50 odd MPs present, where virtually the only topic of conversation for 40/50 mins was: how best do we get rid of her? What's the best way to use our letters?

Comments included: ‘Everyone I know says she has to go’, ‘she's a disaster’, ‘this can't go on’.

You might think that this is usual far for us, but it's not! Not in the mass weekly meeting, never in what's basically a public forum.

The truly amazing thing was they spoke about it so openly, in such an unabashed way, even though they could see the Whips sneak sitting there.

Really, really detailed discussion of the mechanics of how best you game the leadership election rules. And zero dissent.

No one, in a room of fifty Tory MPs even raised a squeak of objection. Not even a murmured pretence as good form. Nor did anyone preface their remarks with any 'sadly I've concluded formulae'.

We were in the Thatcher Room to add piquancy”.

And here’s more:

“It was truly mind blowing. You felt the ground opening up under your feet. The most amazing thing was that no one even bothered to mime a pretence of regret."

This article originally appeared on Robert Peston’s Facebook page. He is the political editor of ITV News.

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