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The Cabinet’s lack of love for Brown is a gift to the Tories

The Cabinet's lack of love for Brown is a gift to the Tories
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‘Never interrupt your enemy when is making a mistake’, said Napoleon; the Tories have abided by this dictum in the last few days. They have held back policies announcements while Labour debated whether or not it wanted to get rid of Gordon Brown. The Tories have reentered the fray today with David Cameron’s appearance on Marr and a pledge to offer university scholarships to the children of fallen soldiers. However, Cameron’s appearance on Marr suggests the Tories are still happy to keep the focus on Labour.

One rich seam for the Tories over the next few months will be the idea that even most members of the Cabinet don’t really want Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. This is the impression given by how grudging and late many of the declarations of support for the PM were and Douglas Alexander’s supposed quote to Peter Watt that, ‘The truth is, Peter, we have spent ten years working with this guy, and we don’t actually like him. 'We have always thought that the longer the British public had to get to know him, the less they would like him as well’. 

It will be extremely hard for Labour to get away from the problems caused its unpopular leader because the three presidential-style election debates are going to so dominate the campaign. The BBC is hosting the final debate and we can be sure that they will promote it across all their platforms with such vigour that it will be the most watched political event in ages.   

Written byJames Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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